Solid Surface Adhesive

Arista is the only manufacturer of Solid Surface Adhesive in India. Arista Adhesives make excellent seamless joint Made with Intelligent European Technology, We produce high quality adhesives for Solid Surface, Quartz Surface, Natural Stone and Artificial Marble. Arista Adhesives offer more than 500 colors, which matching colors of all Solid Surface Companies like Corian, Montelli, LG Hi-Mac, Lotte-Staron, Tristone,Merino Hanex etc. We also provide customize colour adhesive for Solid Surface Sheet. All raw material of adhesive are supplied by international brands which are among top 500 companies.

Features of Arista Adhesive

  • Image D_1100% Acrylic Formulated
  • Excellent Strength
  • UV Stable and Non-Yellowing
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Provides an even, consistent cure. Easy-to-apply and achieves aesthetically pleasing seams
  • Available sizes 50 ML, 75 ML, 250 ML and 490 ML
  • Adhesive warranty 1 year including Hardener


We make matching adhesives of all premium brands. 100% matching with all shades.



Feature of Dispenser / GUN

  • Model 50 ML
  • Ratio is 10:1


Best Suitable for every 50 ML adhesives of any brand.