Quality and Features

Seamless Joints

The colour is maintained throughout the sheet. This means that joint lines will be difficult to spot when installed by an approved Arista fabricator. No living home for Bacteria, Dirt and Fungus as it has Seamless Joints. This adds on a smooth look which give soothing effect to your eyes.

Heat Resistance

Arista solid surfaces are resistant to heat1. This means that Induction hobs and gas hobs can be integrated into it.

Colour Match Products

We offer Arista colour match sinks & bowls to give an Integrated continuous flow of colour in your design2.


Change the way you see surfaces by integrating upcoming technologies such as wireless charging and pop up plug sockets into the surface, The limitless design potential of Arista means it is future-proof. Offering the flexibility that comes with solid surface products at an affordable price.


Arista Surfaces can be repaired to their original state without any evidence of damage.


Arista’s non-porous acrylic surface has countless benefits; with its ability to join seamlessly it can fend off mildew, bacteria and other harmful germs and is stain resistant. As Arista can be joined seamlessly it is the perfect option for clinical environments.

Heat Resistance upto 180° – 190°, best suitable for Kitchen Counter Tops

UV Resistance

Feature of UV resistance gives more Durability, Strength, and keeps Original Colour.